• Review: Gone Home

    What SOMA did for conceptualizing the self and The Stanley Parable did for deconstructing games, Gone Home does for exploring American youth.

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  • Review: Anno 2070

    Anno 2070 is easily one of the most engaging builders I’ve played, and its few faults are hardly enough to keep me from sinking dozens of hours into it.

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  • Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order

    With a strong story, deep gameplay, and incredible visuals, Wolfenstein: The New Order claims a well-deserved spot at the top of the FPS genre.

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  • Review: Infinifactory

    This is a puzzle game that leaves nothing out, combining rock-solid design with excellent story, presentation, and spread of features.

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  • Review: SOMA

    Rarely have I ever felt so tense and so powerless as I have on the long, solitary treks across the dark ocean floor.

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  • Review: Brigador

    Brigador is the perfect intersection of mech combat, dystopian themes, and technical gameplay, forming a title that really should be seen as a landmark in the genre.

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  • Review: DOOM

    DOOM is at the top of the FPS heap, shotgun in one hand and still-beating heart in the other, and if that sounds like any sort of fun you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Review: Hollow Knight

    Hollow Knight does what few games manage to do, take clear inspiration from classics and find its own way to surpass them.

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Review: Chaos Domain

Even if the graphics weren’t bland and strangely grainy, even if the weapons didn’t feel like Nerf guns, and even if there were some kind of story at all, Chaos Domain would still be too incompetently designed to stick with.

Review: Snapshot

Surely there’s already another platformer out there that uses the same or a similar system to greater effect. And even if there isn’t, Snapshot certainly isn’t worth braving just for that.