Spooky Games 6: Hellseeker

Thousands of spooky games haunt the pages of Steam’s store, and the time has come once again for us to gather and turn our grim gaze upon them. I have in my possession a list of 31 horrific, terrifying, or otherwise spooky titles, and just as I have done for the past five years, I shall review them over the course of October. One game a day, one review per game. Such is our way, for we have such sights to show you.


New reviews will be posted here every day at 8am PDT, barring unnatural circumstances. Many have already been streamed on our Twitch channel, with more coming every Wednesday at 9pm PDT. And there may yet be more horror to be had, as we continue exploring the original Spooky Games series and revisit titles like Amnesia and Lone Survivor on stream. If you’re here for more than just words about horror, make sure to tune in.

Oh, and I should mention that two of this month’s games have been selected by our readers. Every month over on our Patreon page we run nominations and votes to allow readers like you to pick games for me to review. For Spooktober we’ll be covering A Place for the Unwilling and The Light Keeps Us Safe. You do not need to be a Patron to nominate or vote, but if you’d like to contribute even just a dollar every month, that money goes towards getting games like these to review.

Now, then… Enough talk! The true horror begins tomorrow at 8am!


1. Apsulov: End of Gods

2. Conarium


4. Apparition

5. Secrets of the Maw (DLC)

6. Bad Dream: Coma

7. They Breathe

8. The Final Station

9. Love, Sam

10. Pacify

11. Return of the Obra Dinn

12. Silver Chains

13. Bad Dream: Fever


15. Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror

16. Tormentum – Dark Sorrow

17. The Light Keeps Us Safe