Platformebruary 2020: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

With 2,516 platformers on Steam (yes I checked), seems pretty likely that a few of them will be good, right? Actually more than a few of them are worth your time, which is why we spend a whole month every year checking them out. That’s right, PLATFORMEBRUARY is back for its fifth year, filling the otherwise mundane month of February with new platformer reviews every single day. And that’s 29 this year!

Reviews will appear here on the website at 8am PST daily, followed by them appearing on the list below, on Steam, and on our curator page soon after. I’m also showing off several of the month’s selections on our Twitch channel every Wednesday night, so pop over there and give us a follow if you want to see these games in action. And let us not forget that several of our platformers have been picked by the community through our Reader’s Choice and Patron Pick systems, which we organize over on our Patreon, which I heartily encourage you to support if you like what we do here or want a say in what games we cover.

With that all said and done, prepare to platform! First review goes up tomorrow at 8am!


1. Blasphemous

2. Duck Souls

3. Dune Sea

4. A Robot Named Fight

5. Sonic Mania

6. Izeriya

7. MagiCat

8. Runner3

9. Harold

10. Spirits Abyss

11. A Short Hike

12. Super Time Force Ultra

13. Touhou Luna Nights

14. Spark the Electric Jester 2

15. Serious Scramblers


17. Umihara Kawase

18. Noita

19. Rain World

20. 8BitBoy

21. Wings of Vi

22. MO:Astray

23. Total Party Kill

24. Dandara

25. Potata

26. Skautfold: Usurper