Review Series

Several times a year, I get a notion to play and review a whole bunch of games all at once. It started with horror games in October, playing 31 spooky games and posting a new review every day of the month, and it’s a habit that’s stuck for nearly four years. Here you’ll find a catalog of all my completed series, from horror to roguelikes to platformers and more.

Three of my series are permanent fixtures now: Spooky games in October, roguelikes in December, and platformers in February. Beyond that I have a rotating series in the summer, and smaller one-week series that crop up here and there. If you have any ideas or suggestions for series, by all means let me know!

Summerventures 2017 – A spirited romp through 22 different point-and-click adventures, from classics to indies to experimental weirdness

Platformebruary 2017: Definitive Edition – Back for a second year, I took on 28 platformers from giants of the genre to tiny indie projects

Roguemas Returns: RNGingle All The Way – As is tradition, I counted down 12 different titles to delight and die in, all featuring heavy randomization and permanent lethality

Spooky Games III: Season of the Witch – My third year tackling horror and Halloweeny games on Steam saw some of the best spooks the genre has to offer among the 31 games reviewed

QuakeCon Quake-a-thon – In honor of Quake’s 20th anniversary, I returned to the classic FPS series to see how it holds up in the modern era

Summer of Sim 2016 – For the month of June I covered 30 games from all over the simulation genre, from builders to trading all the way to constructive puzzlers