Summer @ Camp 2019

You may have heard by now, but our venerable tradition of Roguemas is no more. It’s not going away, though… it’s moving to the summer and becoming a full month-long series! Welcome to our first year of Summer @ Camp, a warm-weather look at the roguelikes that make us sweat. Originally this was going to be more of a junk drawer, clearing-the-backlog series but recently I’ve picked up some very new, very exciting titles in the genre. That means there’s sure to be something that roguelike fans of all stripes will be interested in!

To help ease us into this transition, this won’t be a full 30-day series. Instead, I’m committing to 20 reviews for the month of June, one on every weekday and resting up to full health on weekends. Reviews will be posted on the front page of the website every weekday at 8am PDT, and then added to this page and posted on Steam and elsewhere soon after.

If you’re hyped about this series, help us out by spreading the word! Let your friends, Discords, and message boards know about what I’m doing. For more direct support, you can also join our Patreon which has helped buy some of the games I’ll be reviewing, or subscribe to our Twitch channel where I’ve streamed (or will stream) all the games on this list. And if you’re curious about our old Roguemas tradition, you can find the last four years in our Review Series index.

First review goes up tomorrow at 8am PDT! Grab a cool beverage and some fire wards, because we’ve got some hot titles to cover!

1. Nova Drift

2. NEO Scavenger

3. Streets of Rogue

4. Razenroth

5. Void Bastards


7. Infected Shelter

8. City of Brass

9. Sky Rogue

10. Risk of Rain 2

11. Fission Superstar X

12. Straimium Immortaly