Summer @ Camp 2019

Summer @ Camp has ended! Jump to the bottom of the page for the wrap-up!

You may have heard by now, but our venerable tradition of Roguemas is no more. It’s not going away, though… it’s moving to the summer and becoming a full month-long series! Welcome to our first year of Summer @ Camp, a warm-weather look at the roguelikes that make us sweat. Originally this was going to be more of a junk drawer, clearing-the-backlog series but recently I’ve picked up some very new, very exciting titles in the genre. That means there’s sure to be something that roguelike fans of all stripes will be interested in!

To help ease us into this transition, this won’t be a full 30-day series. Instead, I’m committing to 20 reviews for the month of June, one on every weekday and resting up to full health on weekends. Reviews will be posted on the front page of the website every weekday at 8am PDT, and then added to this page and posted on Steam and elsewhere soon after.

If you’re hyped about this series, help us out by spreading the word! Let your friends, Discords, and message boards know about what I’m doing. For more direct support, you can also join our Patreon which has helped buy some of the games I’ll be reviewing, or subscribe to our Twitch channel where I’ve streamed (or will stream) all the games on this list. And if you’re curious about our old Roguemas tradition, you can find the last four years in our Review Series index.

First review goes up tomorrow at 8am PDT! Grab a cool beverage and some fire wards, because we’ve got some hot titles to cover!

1. Nova Drift

2. NEO Scavenger

3. Streets of Rogue

4. Razenroth

5. Void Bastards


7. Infected Shelter

8. City of Brass

9. Sky Rogue

10. Risk of Rain 2

11. Fission Superstar X

12. Straimium Immortaly

13. Heavy Bullets

14. Domina (removed)

15. One More Dungeon

16. Barony

17. Pineapple Smash Crew

18. Fate Hunters

19. Soulblight

20. Trials of Fire

And so ends our first big summer roguelike series! It was nice to look at a bigger spread of titles than the 12 we used to do for Roguemas, honestly. It gave us the chance to explore some big new releases, some older entries, and a few still working their way through Early Access. With only three duds in the lineup there’s a lot to check out, so let’s break this down into some easy recommendations.

The Good Stuff

Nearly half of our lineup is worth checking out no matter what your predilections about the genre are. Of this group I want to call out Streets of Rogue and Void Bastards as my two favorites, between the wide-open chaos of Streets and the engrossing gameplay loop of Bastards. Nova Drift is another good pick for quick, gratifying action, and Risk of Rain 2 is a stand-out as an Early Access title that’s more than good enough to grab right the hell now.

The Conditional Good Stuff

There’s another bunch of titles that are quite good, but only if you’re looking for that particular fix. Some of them like Sky Rogue and Pineapple Smash Crew are solid fun, but lack the content or variety that many might be looking for. Barony is a safe bet if you love classic roguelike mechanics but want to see them in first-person real-time action.

The Wait-And-See Stuff

Early Access is always a risky proposition for the consumer, and I always review EA titles based solely on what they offer right now. These three here offer enough fun right now to recommend, but the smart money is going to wait and see how they shape up on the way to full release. Out of this group I’d say Trials of Fire has the best gameplay and offers the best experience if you want to buy in now, but there’s a lot more content planned for it before it finishes its journey.

The Other Stuff

These, I don’t like these. Maybe you do. That’s okay! Heavy Bullets in particular I could see being contentious, but I just found it lacking. I wouldn’t recommend any of these personally, but tastes being what they are maybe you can find the fun in them.

That’s it! 20 roguelikes, reviewed and ranked. Thanks for reading along and checking out everything we had to look at this year. If you’re interested in supporting these kinds of reviews, you can always boost our signal by following our curator on Steam and following our Twitch channel where I streamed first looks of all of these. There’s also our Patreon if you’d like to add to the funds I use to pick up some of these titles, and be able to request specific game reviews as a perk!

Once again, no matter if you’re donating, following, or just popping in once in awhile, thanks for being here and making all this possible. Hope you found something neat to play this summer, and I’ll see you next summer with more fun ways to die!