Welcome to Gold-Plated Games!

Here it is, a proper website at last! And to make it official, here’s an official-looking first post to welcome everyone to our new home. This has been a long time coming, practically since I started the curation group and realized how limited Steam’s tools were. But here I can arrange things however I want, and maybe even branch out into some new things, too.

At the time of writing this, the site is still unpublished and under construction. But I wanted to start things off right, so if you’ve wound back through everything and found this post, welcome! I’m Audish, I’ve been reviewing games on Steam for nearly four years now, and I founded Gold-Plated Games to keep track of everything I’ve written. Originally just a Steam curator group, my reviews have made the big jump to the wider online world!

I’ve got functional About and Contact pages up, and once this post goes up I’ll begin the long process of moving reviews from Steam to this shiny new site. Stay tuned for more news, developments, and of course, reviews as Gold-Plated Games continues to grow!

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