Weeklong Deals for 7/24/17

There’s almost as much bad as good in the Weeklong Deals this time, at least from my sampling of them. It’s good week for horror though, from classic adventure Gabriel Knight to the bite-sized Last NightMary. Arcen’s entire catalog is also on sale if you’re as fascinated with their odd little games as I am. And please get Titan Quest if you haven’t yet, I love that little ARPG to death.


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (review) – It’s what the Grim Dawn guys did before Grim Dawn, and it’s the best of the Diablo 2.5 generation if you ask me

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition (review) – A sub-par remake of a fantastic game, so grab it if the original is too dated for you

Starward Rogue (review) – A garish and hectic bullet hell roguelike with plenty of secrets to uncover

Zombie Driver HD (review) A rollicking good time squishing zombies classic GTA-style

The Last NightMary (review) – Very short point-and-click horror joint with a neat monster and some creepy atmosphere


Bionic Dues (review) – Squad-based roguelike featuring terrible design issues and even worse graphics

Shattered Haven (review) – A neat experiment in open-world environmental puzzling that really, really does not work out

Sinister City (review) – It’s campy to a fault, and that’s not even its worst sin

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