Weeklong Deals for 9/25/17

It’s time for one last look at the Weeklong Deals before the great month of Spooktober descends upon us. I’ll still being doing these roundups next month, of course, but my attentions will understandably be elsewhere. Speaking of which there will be no new review this week… I fully intended to give Epistory a go when I saw it pop up, but I’m simply too deep in the horror to stop now. For now, you’ll have to content yourselves with a look at Arcen’s lineup and a few other little gems.

There will be a little peek at a brand new game jam that just ended, however. I want to strike while the code is still warm on that one, so look for my look at that later this week.


Shadowgate (Review) – An excellent revival of the classic horror adventure

Starward Rogue (Review) – Colorful and hectic sci-fi bullet hell roguelike

Cities in Motion (Review) – Super chill transport sim with a bit of a learning curve

Kairo (review) – Surreal, minimalist first-person puzzler with a story you have to dig for

Skyward Collapse (Review) – Very clever builder RTS where you fight to maintain balance between your creations


Bionic Dues (Review) – Arcen seriously missed the mark on this ugly, frustrating squad-based roguelike

Shattered Haven (review) – This zombie puzzler almost works, but poor graphics and gimmicky levels sink it

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