The Mini Uprising

You may recall a few weeks ago when I put out a survey about new reviews. I had been sitting on upwards of 50 dubious indie titles dropped on me from Curator Connect, and I needed a way to handle them all. So I posed the question to you lot, and the answer I got back (by overwhelming majority) was to bundle them up in mini-reviews. I’ve been working on this new initiative since then, and today, if you haven’t seen it yet, I have the first Mini-Review Roundup to share.


The idea here is that every week, I’ll pick out five games from my Steam library (starting with Curator Connect titles) that don’t rate full reviews of their own. These are going to be games that fall in the Okay to Bad range of the scale I use on the site here, games that aren’t good enough for a full recommendation, but aren’t bad enough to deserve a full takedown either. If you read my reviews of Job the Leprechaun or Timen runner, those are the kinds of games I’m talking about. You won’t really be missing anything if I run down what they are and give them a quick eh or meh, instead of stretching all that out over six paragraphs.

Typically mini-reviews are going to be one or two paragraphs that do just that, and then summed up with a one-word final verdict. They’ll be posted and curated on Steam as well, so you’ll see them show up on our curation page (which I do hope you’re following!). Don’t take these as gospel or anything, but understand that I’m more or less brushing past them because they don’t bring anything to the table that you really need to experience. One of my early goals in reviewing games was to play and review my entire library on Steam, but with well over a thousand games now and access to new releases, that’s not really feasible unless I vary my tactics. There are too many games out there that don’t do enough to stand out and I have way too many of them, so this is how I’ll handle them.


Mini-Review Roundups will run as part of my regular schedule every Saturday, so they’ll be suspended like everything else during review series. This also seems like a good time to mention that I’ll be running a mini-series in the back half of this month, on a genre that’s been requested for awhile. Next week will proceed as normal with another set of mini-reviews a week from today, and then the series will begin on the 17th. Oh, and for all two of you who voted for me streaming these games, fear not! Streaming is something I’ve had in my back pocket for quite some time, and it’s something that I will be experimenting with in the future. But for right now, the focus is on reviews, and a lot of them at that!

As always, thanks for reading along and supporting my critical adventures. If you have any feedback on the mini-reviews, my other reviews, or the site in general, you know where to find me.

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