Minor Adjustments

I don’t normally do news posts for these small announcements. However, I went to all the trouble of laying out the upcoming schedule in the last Weeklong Deals post, and now I have to change it. I doubt this is going to upset anyone since you’re still getting reviews every day, but I think you deserve to know what to expect over the next few weeks.


Originally the plan was to review Ash of Gods: Redemption today, and then start a new review series on Tuesday. What mucked up the plan is two games I’ve been working on reviewing getting April release dates. Project AURA is exiting Early Access on Tuesday the 17th, and Cliff Empire goes live on the 26th. I’d like to go ahead and share my thoughts on those while they’re hot, so I’m pushing the review series back to May 1st. This also gives me more time to work on Ash of Gods, which has proven to be a huge, sprawling game to keep up with.


So that’s it, the rest of April is going to be the regular schedule with two brand new releases reviewed, and then the first two weeks of May will be the new review series. In a few hours you’ll get a review that’s been a long time coming, an amazing follow-up to an amazing puzzle game. Also this weekend I’m finally going to launch my Patreon to help pay for maintaining the website, so if you’ve been waiting to throw money at me the wait is finally over. As always, thanks for reading and lemme know if you’ve got any thoughts on how things are going!

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