Patreonize Me!

One of my big goals that I talked about at the end of last year was growing Gold-Plated Games in new ways. Most of the ideas I have require money, and currently I don’t make any off of my reviews. I’ve written over 400 reviews in the last 4 years, and aside from getting review copies of games I’m not compensated for this in any way. In fact, I pay out of pocket to keep the website running! It’s not a lot, honestly, but it’s money that could be spent on review copies or site upgrades or other expansions of my capabilities.

I decided a long time ago I would never resort to online advertising or sponsorships to support my work. Web advertising is so terribly invasive to me, and sponsorships would make it even harder to be objective and impartial than it already is. That’s why I’ve turned to Patreon to keep the lights on here. Patreon gives you guys the opportunity to chip in a dollar or so a month if you really like what I’m doing and want to contribute in some way. It’s not expected of anyone, and I’m not doing reward tiers or patron-exclusive content at all. This is purely voluntary, and my funding goals are modest enough that I only need a handful of generous folks to meet them.

Here it is, if you are so inclined to give me money.

That’s pretty much it! You all have been following my work for long enough that you should know what I’m all about. I’m not looking to cash in here, I’m just hoping to get the site to where it can pay for itself. Any money I make past that is gonna go right back in, upgrading stuff around here and securing review copies of games I can’t request directly. In a small, secret place in my heart I dream about this leading to one day being a full-time independent reviewer, but for now I’m content with being reasonable. If you feel like contributing, great! If you don’t, also great! Either way, I’m still going to be here cranking out reviews for everyone.

As always, thanks for being here and reading along.

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