Thanks to some very generous readers, I’m happy to announce that we’ve already hit our first goal on Patreon! With $15 a month this website is now paid for, along with whatever upgrades I’ll need to do in the future. This is a pretty huge deal for me, because going in I really didn’t have any idea what the response would be. As it turns out, it’s pretty overwhelming.

I want to give a big, huge thanks to anyone who’s contributing and helping me make Gold-Plated Games into a real success story. As we reach funding goals I’ll be adding new ones, and the next one will let me do a reader’s choice review every month on a new or notable indie Steam title. If that sounds like a good time to you, consider throwing me a dollar to inch us closer to that goal.

I’ll also be doing little week-in-review posts on Patreon and Facebook on Sundays, to make it easier for people to see what their money is going towards. You’ll be seeing everything right here on the website as it happens of course, but if you want to be even MORE in the loop our Facebook page is a good place for that.

Once again, thank you for supporting my work! Whether you’re donating or not you’re an important part of making Gold-Plated Games a success, and I couldn’t be doing what I love without you.

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