Streaming Externally

It’s been about a week since I started my streaming adventures on Twitch, and I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start! I won’t recap everything I’ve done so far, because I’m here today to make sure everyone knows where to find my streams and archives. So, let’s start with the basics.

My Twitch Channel:

Streaming Schedule:

  • Tuesdays, 9pm PST – Indie Horror Stream (three games at one hour each)
  • Fridays, 9pm PST – Indie Variety Stream (two games at one hour each, and several live reviews)

Twitch VOD Archive:

My YouTube Channel:

Now then, if you want to see streams when they happen, show up to the Twitch channel at 9pm Pacific on any Tuesday or Friday. Those days are locked in, and I’m going to stick with just those for the time being. I tried a surprise stream on Wednesday last week but not many folks made it out and it made it way harder to stick to my review schedule. So, Tuesdays and Fridays, 9pm PST.

I am aware that’s a horrible time for most people in the world to tune in to a livestream, and I apologize for that. I live in Los Angeles, and I have two kids that have to be in bed before I get near a computer, so that’s that. On the bright side, Twitch preserves streams as VODs for two weeks after recording so you can find recent streams at that VOD archive link. Well, except for my very first stream… kinda forgot to set up archiving for that one. But everything else is there!

For when VODs fall off into oblivion, I’ve been exporting my stream archives to my brand-new YouTube channel. At the moment I don’t plan on doing anything with it besides archiving streams, but that’s not to say I won’t use it in other ways in the future. The point is that it’s not a major focus right now, just a way to keep my videos in circulation forever.

So far, this streaming experiment has been a ton of fun and I fully intend to keep it a permanent part of my output. If you’d like to support this particular endeavor, the biggest thing you can do for me now is show up for streams! The more watchers I have, the better everything goes. Just as important as that, though, is to follow my Twitch channel. My short-term goal is 50 followers, of which I have 30 right now, and that will unlock some important new features for the channel.

These are exciting times for Gold-Plated Games, as we expand into new realms of reviews and content! I hope this has been as exciting for you as it is for me, and that the work I’ve been producing is what you want to see here. As always if you have any feedback or comments, you know where to find me. And with that, I’ll see you online soon!

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