New Streams and Discord!

Our Twitch channel:

Our Discord server:

On Friday’s stream I announced a modest follower/subscriber goal to add a third streaming night… and it was met almost immediately. Thanks to this overwhelming support, I am indeed adding another streaming night and moving the existing streams around a bit to spread them more evenly. Here’s what the schedule’s going to be starting from this week:

  • Monday 9pm – Full Play Night: The new night will be a progression stream, wherein I do full playthroughs of games you want to see and I want to play. I’ll be moving my playthrough of The Messenger here, and we’ll start discussing what to follow that up with soon!
  • Wednesday 9pm – Seasonal First Looks: The old Tuesday streams are moving to Wednesdays, and will continue being indie horror nights through October. After that they’ll switch to roguelike nights through December, and then probably platformers after that.
  • Friday 9pm – Variety Night: Friday streams are staying the same, I’ll do my best to scoop up cool new releases to show everyone. Last week’s was Immortal: Unchained, and this week I’ll be taking a look at Deep Sky Derelicts and maybe some other stuff.

I’m in the process of prettying up our Twitch channel and setting some new growth goals, but for now what I’d really love is to get more viewers in! If you’re enjoying the streams and know others that might be interested, invite them to a night you think they’d like. Subscriptions and bits are always welcome, but growing the viewer base is my main priority. And make sure you’re following the channel!

Another topic that came up during the Friday stream was Discord, since folks seem to be getting really chummy in chat and it would be nice to have a place to hang out when I’m not live. So, I’ve set up a new Discord server for readers and viewers alike to hang out in and yammer about whatever. I’ll always be around if you want to chat about games or see what I’m up to, and as we expand I’ll be polling people in Discord for titles to stream and review.

One last note, our Patreon is still tantalizingly close to our next goal of monthly reader-selected reviews and I would LOVE to hit that as a follow-up to our Twitch successes. We need just two more dollars to put us over the edge, so if you want to help support my review work I would be eternally grateful.

I’ll be updating all our profiles and info around the web to include the new streaming schedule and Discord info, so don’t be surprised if you hear some more reminders as well. I hope all these developments are as exciting for you as they are for me, because I’m thrilled to be expanding my work in so many new ways. It couldn’t happen without you, no matter if you’re a reader, viewer, patron, or subscriber, and for that you have my sincerest thanks.

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