New Patreon Reward!

Our Patreon:

I’ve got an important announcement today for existing and prospective patrons! For the first time, I’m adding a patron reward for supporting Gold-Plated Games on Patreon. If you are an active patron, you can request one game for me to cover in an upcoming review. Once I review it you can request another, and you’re free to change your request if something more interesting comes along. And if, for whatever reason, I can’t cover a request, I will work with you to pick something that works for both of us.

Originally, I had planned for our Patreon to be purely donations, with no rewards of any kind. Mainly I didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to donate, but also I was concerned about fulfilling rewards given my current workload. However, in becoming a Twitch Affiliate I’ve started offering rewards to subscribers, both built-in (like badges and emotes) and also of my own design (stream requests). I realized that wasn’t fair to my supporters on Patreon, so I’m extending a similar offer to bridge the gap.


So yeah, pick some games you want to see me review! This power exists to be used, so make the most of it. I hope this also encourages some new supporters, because we are so, so close to reaching our next goal. If we make it to $30, we’ll have nominations and votes on indie reviews each month which will allow me to cover more new releases that everyone wants to read about. I’m excited about the possibilities, and I hope you are too.

One last thing, I’ll also be getting back to posting Week in Review updates to Patreon on Sundays! I apologize for falling off of those when other things picked up, but I can see from the stats they were popular features. So every Sunday afternoon, check our Patreon page for a recap of all the reviews and stream from the previous week.

Finally, whether you are a patron, subscriber, reader, or viewer, thank you so much for supporting my work. Every little bit helps, and together I know we can grow Gold-Plated Games into a top-tier source of reviews and previews.

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