November Reign

Now that my 31 days of horror are behind us, it’s time to talk about what’s new and exciting around here. I’ll be taking it easier for the month of November, that’s for sure, but we’ll still have plenty of reviews and streams to keep you fully-immersed in the gaming goods. For starters, there won’t be any new reviews until next week, but on Friday I’ll be posting a new preview of a promising title I streamed a few weeks back.

As for the review schedule, I’ll be returning to posting twice a week, just with one small change. New reviews will go up every Wednesday and Friday from now on, to better align with my streaming schedule and give the website a more even Monday-Wednesday-Friday content spread. Mondays are and always will be the Weeklong Roundups, of course. I’m also planning on returning to mini-reviews, which will be posted to Steam on Tuesdays or Thursdays if they’re ready, and the website package on the following Saturday.


Over on Twitch, we’re changing our lineup in the wake of Spooktober. With The Evil Within 2 completed, our Monday progression streams will be moving on to Hitman 2016. I think this will be a more entertaining game to keep up with, since folks can tune in whenever to see how I go about killing dudes without any concern for continuity. I’m not sure how long we’ll roll with that one, but it’ll depend on viewer counts. Wednesdays are no longer indie horror nights, but will instead become roguelike nights to prepare for Roguemas. Every Wednesday I’ll stream two of the procedural death titles I’ve secured for this year’s celebration, so be sure to tune in for all kinds of hilarious mishaps. Friday’s variety streams will be staying as-is, with an eye towards new and interesting releases.

I’ve put a lot of work in this October, and if you’re up for supporting that work I sure would appreciate it! Our Patreon is still sitting just a few dollars shy of our next goal, which would allow you to nominate and vote on games you want me to review every month. Patrons also get to make personal review requests to be filled when possible. That’s a lot of power, and I’m not even asking you to exercise it responsibly! If Twitch is more your scene, our channel can always use more followers and subscribers, as we’re getting close to our goals for both. And if you don’t want to contribute in a material way, you can always spread the word! Link people reviews and streams and help Gold-Plated Games grow into the journalistic powerhouse we’re all dreaming of!

We’ve got plenty more good games to look forward to on the horizon, and I’m going to do my best to make sure you’re as informed about them as possible. As always, thanks for reading and sticking it out with me, and I look forward to a long future of bringing you the goods!

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