It took awhile, but we’ve finally crossed that all-important second milestone on our Patreon! Thanks to my generous patrons, we’re bringing in enough cash to do monthly indie reviews selected by you, the readers. This is a little different from the current rewards for being a patron or Twitch subscriber, as those requests go on a list I pull from when it’s convenient. These reviews, one per month, will be nominated, voted on by you, and then guaranteed to show up that month! So if you really want to see a recent release covered when it comes out (and I’m not able to get a review key), you can nominate it and hopefully make it happen!

I’m so excited about this sudden development that we’re going to go ahead and pick a game to be reviewed (and probably streamed, too!) this month. Normally I’ll run the process at the end of the month for the next, but I can’t wait to hear what you all want to see! To nominate a game, pop on over to this post on Patreon and comment the game you want to see reviewed in November. I’ve posted the rules at the top so check those before requesting something crazy. Also, I’m doing this on Patreon because it was made possible by our patrons. You’ll need to make an account to nominate a game but you certainly don’t have to donate to nominate or vote! Wouldn’t hurt, though…

All the details are up on that Patreon post, so have a look and pick something good! Also, I’ve added our next goal at $60, which will be regular reviews of major releases. This is something I’m anxious to get going because I normally review big games like Prey or Tomb Raider years after the fact. Until I gain a bigger following I can’t expect review keys for those, but this Patreon goal will make those reviews possible! Consider becoming a patron if you haven’t yet to help us meet this modest goal!

One last note… I know I promised a preview today but all this excitement kinda pre-empted that. I’ll have it ready for you fine folks sometime next week, if not sooner!

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