We’ve arrived at another big milestone! Big, huge thank you to everyone who has helped us reach the fabled $50 a month mark, because this means even more choices in reviews that I can give to you, the community. As long as we can stay at or above this mark, I’ll be reviewing the top TWO titles from the Reader’s Choice votes every month. That means twice the reviews selected by readers, and double the chance of me covering a game that you nominate!

For the May Reader’s Choice review (which you can vote for right now), I’ve set no price limit on the game selection, and it seems like people are pretty excited about that. So, for our next Patreon goal, I want to make that a permanent feature! When we reach $75 a month, we’ll never have price limits on the Reader’s Choice games again. Every month, you’ll be able to nominate any title you want on PC or Switch, and two of those nominations will get covered.

Bringing in funding for these reviews is a huge accomplishment, and a very important step towards one day making Gold-Plated Games my full-time occupation. It’s still a distant dream, but one that I’m set on pursuing no matter how long it takes. Every dollar makes a big difference, and I really can’t thank you enough for supporting me in such a material way. If you’re not yet a supporter I encourage you to consider throwing a dollar or two my way every month on Patreon, or subscribing on our Twitch channel if that’s easier.

Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. The community we’re building around this work is one of the best I’ve seen online, and I want to see how far we can take it!

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