Counting Up

Last night while I was streaming NEO Scavenger, our Twitch channel ticked over 250 followers. This was a goal I set way back in November, after hitting our first follower goal at 100. I did a daytime marathon stream to celebrate that one, and we’ll be doing another one for this newest milestone! We’re still in the decision-making stages for what we’re going to play, so if you’d like to contribute to the discussion join us on Discord in our #feedback channel.

I really want to thank everyone who’s been coming out to streams and following me on all our different outlets. Monetary support through subscriptions or Patreon is important, but the numbers game of followers is huge for me, and more important than you might think. Potential viewers look at that when stopping by, developers look at that when deciding to give review keys, and even the platforms themselves look at that for promotion. Just clicking a simple button to follow can make a big difference.

If you feel like helping out in a way that won’t cost you a cent, here are the three biggest things you can do:

  • Follow our Twitch channel! Streaming is a huge part of what I do now, and the bigger our channel is, the more big titles and pre-releases I can stream for you.
  • Follow our Steam curator! The numbers game on Steam is a big deal, and if we can top 2,000 followers Steam will start recommending me to users all over the platform.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel! I only use this to archive all our streams but YT is a huge platform, and the bigger we are there, the more folks will find the website and Twitch channel.

I’ll be setting a new follower goal for Twitch soon, and it won’t be as big a climb as 100 to 250 was! I’m also planning a different reward from the marathon streams for this one… something a little more far-reaching. So if that sounds exciting, help us get there!

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