Origin of the Series

Some of you may have noticed that our Spooky Games series here on the website start with number three. The first two Spooky Games lineups were from so long ago that I don’t feel the reviews are very indicative of my opinions now, so I’ve left them off the site. That’s all going to change from today, because I’m launching a new kind of review series, a sort of HD remaster for reviews.

Spooky Games Or1gins will cover 31 of the titles from my very first review series back in 2014 with brand new reviews. This will be a long-running irregular series, aiming for updates at least once a week. I’m also going to stream the games I’m covering at the end of our Friday streams, starting at 11pm PDT every week. There are a lot of good games here that deserve a better look back, and that’s just what I’m going to give them.

Check out the event page for Spooky Games: Or1gins for more details and the full game list!

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