November Catch-Up

The question always comes, once a big review series ends: What’s next? As much as I enjoy running down spooky games, I’ve been looking forward to a lot of new things for November and beyond. So, now that Spooky Games 6 has concluded, let’s talk about what’s on the horizon.


A Newer, Better Patreon

Our Patreon has been steady for many months now, for which I am very grateful as it funds our Reader’s Choice reviews and website upkeep. But if GPG is to grow then so must our support, and I’ve been thinking about ways to do that. Coming next week, probably on Tuesday, I’m going to announce some changes to the benefits Patreon supporters receive. It’s not a huge shift, but I want to institute a system that makes it easier and more direct for Patrons to request games for me to review. I’ll also be updating the info and layout, since some of that is outdated after Patreon made their own changes to the website.

Paired with these changes, I’ll be making a big push during November to get our Patreon up to the next level of support at $75 a month. If we can get there and stay there, that means no more price limits on Reader’s Choice selections! Hopefully the improvements to our benefits will help encourage growth, but if you’d like to push us towards that next level now, you are welcome to do so!


Playing Catch-Up

My big goal for reviews this month is to catch up on titles that I’ve committed to reviewing and haven’t finished yet. This includes quite a few Readers’s Choice selections, from July (which were known to be long-term projects) and the months where we ended up with three-way ties. Here’s the short list of selections that have lagged behind:

  • The Council
  • We. The Revolution
  • Metal Wolf Chaos
  • A Place for the Unwilling

And as of this morning, we have two new selections for November:

  • Alternate Jake Hunter: DAEDALUS The Awakening of Golden Jazz
  • Later Alligator

Additionally, I have some games from developers that I received in September that I never finished covering, like Conglomerate 451 and Depraved. These will be the main focus of this month’s big reviews, so don’t expect too much coverage of new releases or random indies… although I’m probably going to save some time for Disco Elysium…


The Spooks Never Stop

Spooktober may be over, but there’s more work to be done! Some of you may remember my long-running project to revisit all the games from my original Spooky Games series. Reviews for Spooky Games: Or1gins will continue in November, mainly focused on the titles we streamed last month like Amnesia and Afterfall: Insanity. Some of the minor games from that series might also get packaged up into a very special mini-review bundle as well, to help speed the process up. I want to have Or1gins done before our next series in February, and the faster we get through it, the sooner I can get back to more modern things!


The Streams Sometimes Stop

Those of you who tune into our Twitch channel will know we’ve been facing some rough technical issues. We’re still waiting for a definitive solution to our connection problem, and because of that we’ve missed some streams like NES Castlevania night and Alan Wake night. I can’t be sure when things will be resolved, and until then the schedule is going to be spotty, and special events like HELL NIGHT will be postponed (I know everyone is excited about Ring Fit Adventure, I am too!).

Once things get ironed out, and they WILL get ironed out because I love streaming and will never stop, we’ll be doing some new things in November and beyond. On Mondays we’ll be working through viewer requests as usual, starting with Metal Wolf Chaos. Wednesdays are going to become more experimental based on viewer feedback, so over the coming weeks we’ll be doing extensions of the Monday streams, select platformer streams, visual novel community nights, multiplayer nights, and more. Fridays are going to be less variety while I work through this backlog of reviews and more personal selections, so look forward to streams of stuff like Oxygen Not Included, The Long Dark, and tonight (if our connection holds) we’ll be revisiting Abandon Ship. And once we get one last bit of tech for Playstation streaming, we’ll be getting back to that era of console gaming on Saturdays with a proper PS2 shmup night and a full playthrough of Vagrant Story.


Wait, There’s More?!

Maybe? When I’m busy with a review series, I get tons of ideas for things I want to do when our schedule clears again. I’ve got a couple mini-review bundles to put out, including some stragglers from Spooky Games 6 that I might cover as early as this weekend. I’m strongly considering getting into reviewing Apple Arcade games as mini-reviews, because it’s frankly an amazing service and there are lots of titles on there that are getting very little review coverage. And there’s always the occasional Switch game like Luigi’s Mansion 3 that I might lean out to cover as well.

Point is, there’s a lot coming up for us, covering just about every angle you can imagine. Spreading out and extending our reach to new audiences is a big priority for me, and the more work I can do towards that end, the better. As always, your help in spreading the word and linking the stuff that I do here makes a huge difference as we look to grow bigger and bigger. And if you can spare a few bucks to support us on Patreon or Twitch, that means more games and special events that we can afford. Of course, just being here to read or watch is what really matters, and for that, you have my gratitude.

Thanks again for being here, and I hope you enjoy everything that comes next!

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