The Patreon Difference

Become a Patron now for as little as $1 a month!

In the background of all the reviews and streams and series, there’s a steady flow of money keeping everything running and growing. This website here costs a modest sum to maintain, as does the recording equipment for streams, and games to review that I can’t get from developers. I’m lucky that I don’t depend on money from my work here to survive, so everything I make through Patreon or Twitch goes right back into features that hopefully grow our reach, such as the Reader’s Choice reviews.

The dream is that one day, I’ll be able to produce reviews and streams as a full-time job, based entirely off of the donations of the community. It’s a far-off goal but not impossible, and it starts by growing what we have right here. Our Patreon has been a steady source of income for months but changes little, and I’d like to do something about that. So today, I’m announcing some changes to how Patron benefits work that will hopefully make contributing a dollar or two a month more rewarding.

For the past year, I’ve allowed Patreon supporters to request games for me to review. This has been an informal system, and very few supporters have made use of it. That changes today:

  • Active Patrons will be able to request two games a year for me to review, one in the summer and one in the winter.
  • I will email Patrons directly to get their requests during the first weeks of June and December, so that requested games can be procured from the big seasonal sales.
  • Requested games will be reviewed before the next requests go out.

Obviously this is not a system that will scale past a certain point, but right now our Patreon is modest enough that I can take these kinds of requests. If you’re interested in having a direct line on what I review, even more direct than Reader’s Choice reviews, this is the time to become a Patron. If you join now, in November, you’ll be among the first to request reviews under the new system when I send emails out in December.

This is a big change, and a big opportunity for interested readers, so I want to make the most of this moment. By the end of November, I’d like to get our Patreon to the next funding goal at $75. That’s just $25 to $30 more than where we’re at now, which could easily be covered by a dozen or so supporters contributing just a few dollars a month. At this next tier, we’ll no longer have price limits on Reader’s Choice reviews, so everyone will have an even greater opportunity to see the reviews they want to see.

I just want to stress that, whether you’re a Patron, a Twitch subscriber, a regular reader, or a passing visitor, I very much appreciate you being here. Money matters are always an awkward thing to discuss, but they’re the only way that Gold-Plated Games can grow into something I can put my full time and attention into. I very much want to be here every day, putting out more reviews and streams than ever before, and every dollar I can bring in gets me closer to that goal. I hope you’ll consider helping me along that path, but whether you do or not, thank you for reading and supporting in your own ways.

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