The Home Stretch

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We’re down to the last week of November, which means quite a few things around here these days! Steam aficionados will notice there are no Weeklong Deals, which heralds the coming of the Thanksgiving Sale most likely tomorrow. We’ll be spinning up the Reader’s Choice selections for December during the sale, so prepare your requests and brace for democracy. I’m going to be asking for shorter games to review this time, just because December is a busy time and I still have some older Reader’s Choice titles to catch up on.

Reader’s Choice reviews are made possible by our Patreon, which also funds hardware upgrades and this very website. I’m pushing to get us to our next funding goal at $75 by the end of this month, and we’ve already had a small explosion of support throughout November. If you’d like to help out, you can contribute as little as $1 a month and receive the following newly-structured perk:

  • Active Patrons will be able to request two games a year for me to review, one in the summer and one in the winter.
  • I will email Patrons directly to get their requests during the first weeks of June and December, so that requested games can be procured from the big seasonal sales.
  • Requested games will be reviewed before the next requests go out.

So, if you become a Patron this month, you’ll get to request your first game as soon as next week! December 5th is the day I’ll be sending out request emails to everyone who contributed this month, which means if you want to boss me around, now’s the time to sign up. And if we can hit that next funding goal, that means no more price limits on Reader’s Choice selections which benefits everyone!

As always, whether you’re a Patron, regular reader, or just popped by on a lark, thank you so much for supporting my work and helping Gold-Plated Games grow.

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