Prepare for Prime-Time!

Let it be known that next week is prime-time week on our Twitch channel! To celebrate the recent explosion of followers we’ve had, I’m taking time off from work to do special streams during normal daylight hours. These are in addition to our usual evening streams, too, so that’s double the rambling and fumbling if you can make both! Mark your calendars now:

  • Monday, February 10 from 1pm to 5pm PST
  • Wednesday, February 12 from 1pm to 5pm PST
  • Friday, February 14 from 1pm to 5pm PST

I haven’t finalized what games we’ll be playing yet, but the tentative plan is a full playthrough of A Short Hike on Monday and a long look at the new Dead Cells DLC on Wednesday. I’ll keep everyone updated as more of the schedule is set, of course. Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it out while the sun’s out!

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