Weeklong Deals for 2/8/21

We’ve got an oddly small batch of Weeklong Deals this time, small enough that I could almost believe something’s planned for this week if the dates weren’t for normal weeklong discounts. I’ll also warn you that, by volume, this is probably the biggest week ever for RPGMaker anime porn games, if that is for some reason your jam. Don’t worry, though, there are still a few worthwhile titles sprinkled in amongst the smut, and I’m just the guy to dive right into said smut and find those hidden gems for you. Eventually.

Rare Delights

Pillars of Eternity (Review) – If you like your CRPGs in the classic isometric style with some dense-ass plot, this is a winner

Shadowrun Returns (review) – More proof-of-concept than full game, this is still a fine successor to the SNES classic

Contradiction – Spot The Liar! – Hilariously cheesy FMV murder mystery, totally worth the spectacle

Imperium Romanum Gold Edition (Review) – Solid Roman city builder that’s only now starting to look a bit dated

Raw Garbage

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – This is where the series unfortunately ran off the rails

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