Games I’m Thankful For

If you weren’t following along last year, I covered five notable games during the big Thanksgiving sale on Steam. Because I am a huge creature of habit I’m doing the same thing this year, just in advance of the sale rather than during. All the games I’ll be covering are either excellent in their own rights or notable for one reason or another. The first review was already posted this morning, a flattering look back on the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot which you can read right here.

Since this mini-series will run through Thursday (or the whole sale, if I feel like it), there won’t be any non-Steam features this week. I’m also not expecting any notable Weeklong Deals, but if there are you know I’ll have something to say about them.

Come on back every day this week for more high-quality reviews!

Day 1: Tomb Raider

Day 2: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Day 3: N++

Day 4: Pillars of Eternity

Day 5: Satellite Reign

Day 6: Rollers of the Realm

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