Platformebruary is on!

Some folks look to February and think of romance, or history, or pudgy, burrowing rodents. But not me. I see a month chock-full of indie platformers of all shapes and sizes, from the best of the best to garbage you wouldn’t inflict on anyone. I see a month rebranded as PLATFORMEBRUARY, our annual adventure into the darkest depths of Steam, to pick apart the most crowded of genres. The journey begins tomorrow, but today I’ve got a few pre-game goodies to share.

The official page for the event is already up here on the website, and I’ve started the curation list on Steam so either one is a good way to keep up with the festivities. And as a proper kicker, I’ve posted a massively-updated review of Tiny Barbarian as a day zero spot of reading to tide you over. This game went half-finished for years until it was snapped up by Nicalis and very suddenly completed last October. I’ve played through it now, and I’m not sure that was the best course of action for anyone involved. You can read the entire review right here.

Come back tomorrow for more platforming goodness (or badness), and check in every day for the month of February to see what I’m playing!

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