Weeklong Deals for 2/12/18

I don’t actually have much to yammer about in the Weeklong Deals this week, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see. All of the Might and Magic games on Steam are discounted presently, along with some notable platformers that won’t be making our current Platformebruary like 20XX and Mystik Belle. If you are looking for a suggestion, though, I do have one!

Also I was pretty late on getting today’s review posted, but you can read all about Omegaland right here! Don’t miss out, it’s a clever game and all of $3.


Golden Krone Hotel (Review) – Fine little roguelike with neat vampire mechanics (and also a special contest for Valentines!)


Between Me and the Night (Review) – Interesting but ultimately disappointing side-scrolling adventure

Ultionus (Review) – Painfully old-school and tone-deaf platformer


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