Weeklong Deals for 3/5/18

It’s Weeklong Deal time once again, now that Steam has fixed their usual filter mess. They’ve got a sharp list this week too, loaded down with neat-looking platformers, survival games, visual novels, and more. Most of my recommendations are weak ones, honestly, but the top three here definitely should not be missed. Reveal The Deep is a personal favorite of mine, and if you’re really on the fence about spending fifty cents I’ll be greatly expanding my review of it this Thursday.


Reveal The Deep (review) – Excellent short-form side-scrolling horror game

Clash Force (Review) – Stylish retro platform shooter that recalls the classics in its own way

Long Live The Queen (Review) – A surprisingly deep visual novel, both in story and strategy

How to Survive (review) – Kitschy mix of ARPG and zombie survival, good if you can wrangle the crafting

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (review) – Perfectly functional jigsaw puzzles of Glorious Nippon

Horizon Shift (Review) – Decent little arcade shooter with a platformer gimmick

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Review) – The very definition of an okay platformer


Rebons (Review) – Uninspired multiplayer-focused platformer about geometric shapes

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