Weeklong Deals for 4/16/18

There’s a lot of stuff in the Weeklong Deals this time, but not a lot of it is very good if you ask me. Tangledeep is an obvious stand-out, and there are some decent horror games to pick up, but beyond that it’s a pretty scattered assortment of hidden object games and indie platformers and general Steam weirdness. Read on for a few suggestions, and if you poke through the big list let me know if there’s anything you want me to review.

The big deal for this week will be a launch review of Project AURA, a super-technical future city builder I’ve been tinkering with for a few days. It launches tomorrow but I’m going to give it an extra night to stew, so the usual Tuesday review will be on Wednesday this time. I’ll go ahead and do the indie feature tomorrow then, another long-time favorite that I’ve wanted to talk about for awhile.

Also if you missed it, I launched a Patreon yesterday! And we’re already a third of the way to my first (extremely modest) goal, too! Be sure to check it out or my news post on the subject if you haven’t yet.


Tangledeep (Review) – Charming and creative as hell classic roguelike (that is now out of Early Access!)

Monstrum (Review) – Extremely spooky procedural horror escape from a container ship

The Count Lucanor (review) – Cute and creepy pixellated horror adventure


Frankenstein: Master of Death (review) – Somehow manages to be too dumb of a hidden object game even for me

Rush Bros (Review) – Speedrunning has never been this stiff or boring

Nicolas Eymerich – The Inquisitor – Book 1 : The Plague (Review) – Almost bad enough to be good, but nope just bad

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Review) – Brutally frustrating platformer with some unfortunate overtones

Between Me and the Night (Review) – Tries to be a surrealist adventure and never quite gets there

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