Weeklong Deals for 5/28/18

For my part, the Weeklong Deals this time are a funny mix of deep sims you can lose dozens of hour to, and ultra-light arcade games to keep you busy for like ten minutes at a time. On the one hand you have the Anno and Stronghold titles, wonderful builders for the most part that can keep you occupied indefinitely. And on the other hand you have more bite-sized games like Orbt XL that I reviewed last weekend and Timberman. Either way, there should be something kicking around that will pique your curiosity.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be laying down a review of Tower of Time, something I’ve wanted to do for the better part of a month. Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be looking at some lesser-known first-person shooters in anticipation of… well, it’s almost June, isn’t it?


Anno 2070 (Review) – My personal favorite of the Anno series, still just as gorgeous and engrossing as ever

Machinarium (Review) – Adorable point-and-click adventure about a little robot in the big robot city

Stronghold Crusader HD (Review) – If you want endless sieges forever and ever, this is the Stronghold you want

Orbt XL (Review) – Lovely little arcade joint about keeping a planet spinning around a hungry black hole

Timberman (Review) – Chop trees! Do it fast! Maybe not die!

Anno 2205 (Review) – It’s not the best Anno, but it’s a unique take on the formula

Outland (review) – A solid metroidvania with a neat color-switching mechanic

Omega Strike (Review) – Delightfully retro platformer in the vein of Mega Man

Paranormal State: Poison Spring (review) – I know how it looks but this is a shockingly solid hidden object game



Neverending Nightmares (review) – Great aesthetic ruined by poor gameplay

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