The End Approaches

The end of 2018, that is. I’m not going anywhere!

With Roguemas concluded, we’ve got a little over a week left in the year and a bit more than that in the Steam Sale. That means we’ve got some special stuff coming up before things return to “normal”, so here’s a rundown of everything to look forward to.

  • Gold-Plated Games celebrates its third anniversary of existing on December 27th, so I’ll be doing a big ol’ post about what we’ve accomplished this year and what’s coming next year. There are some exciting changes to announce, so be sure to check in here next Thursday!
  • For the rest of the Winter Sale I’ll be cranking out as many reviews as possible, roughly adhering to a M-W-F schedule. I’m hoping to cover recently streamed titles like DUSK, HellSign, and Das Geisterschiff, as well as the December Reader’s Choice selection Settlements.
  • We’re starting up our retro console streams tonight! Join us on Twitch at 10pm PST as we explore obscure NES platformer XEXYZ!
  • The stream schedule is getting a little modified during the holidays, since most people won’t be around on the coming Mondays. For the next two weeks Christmas Eve, the Monday stream will be on Sunday instead, at 9pm PST. Tomorrow night we’ll be working our way through Celeste, a subscriber pick, so don’t miss it! UPDATE: Monday, Jan 31st is still on! We’re ringing in the New Year with more Celeste!
  • The Wednesday streams are switching over to a platformer focus in anticipation of Platformebruary. I’m sure you miss roguelikes already, but I’ve got some very cool platformers to share this year (and an upcoming announcement about Roguemas you might like!).
  • Our buddy Dark Acre Jack is going to be covering my all-time top 10 games on Steam tomorrow morning! Jack does excellent commentary streams on Twitch, so tune in at 9am PST on Sunday to see what he has to say about what I have to say. UPDATE: Jack put on quite a show, and you can watch it here!

Big thanks to everyone who’s been reading and watching this year, and I hope you enjoy what’s coming up in the next few weeks!

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