Roguemas IV: (D)eck the Halls

The most mortally wonderful time of the year has returned! In the lead-up to the great Steam Winter Sale, I take a long, hard look at 12 roguelikes from all over the genre, from card games to space sims and all the way back to the classics. For this year, I streamed all of our review titles on our Twitch channel (and then archived them on our YouTube channel) so you can see these games in action. We’ve actually got a few more to cover, too, so join us Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm PST for more looks at the many ways to randomize and die!

As usual, reviews will be posted here at 8am PST every day from December 9th to the 20th. All of our titles this year were recommended by you, the readers, in our Discord and elsewhere, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a very solid line-up. If you’ve got any roguelike-lovers in your life, be sure to share the event with them, and come on back every day for as much deadly action as you can handle!

On the twelfth day of Roguemas, the RNG gave to me…

Twelve traps a-springing  (ADOM)

Eleven bots assembling  (Cogmind)

Ten punkins punkin’  (Haque)

Nine foes a-freezing  (Wizard of Legend)

Eight crawlers crawling  (Card Quest)

Seven cyborgs scanning  (SYNTHETIK)

Six guards a-glitching  (Heat Signature)

FIVE BASIC BLOCKS  (Slay the Spire)

Four counter-hacks  (868-HACK)

Three lost ships  (EVERSPACE)

Two thirsty drones  (Monolith)

And an eye for our hero to see  (Unexplored)