May Reader’s Choice Review

It’s time again! The April Reader’s Choice Review, Star Traders: Frontiers, is already in the bag and May is almost upon us. I need you to nominate games for me to review next month, and this time there is no price limit on what you can name. Anything on PC or Nintendo Switch is fair game, so dream big and pick something you’ve been dying for a review of! And, because we just hit our third funding goal on Patreon, I’ll be reviewing the top TWO games selected!

Nominations have ended! Vote here by noon PDT on Monday, April 29th!

We’ve had some really good weeks on Twitch lately, in terms of subscriptions and donations, which is why we’re blowing the price limit this month. If you want to see more months like this, consider becoming a Patron or subscribing on Twitch! The money I bring in from these sources makes a big difference in terms of what I can cover and what content I can offer you. Our next goals on both platforms are big ones, so help me expand our Gold-Plated operations for good!

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