Weeklong Deals for 8/19/19

There are a lot of announcements going on at Gamescom and elsewhere right now, which is having a pretty positive affect on the Weeklong Deals! In addition to the list below, be aware that titles like Little Nightmares and Kerbal Space Program are discounted to celebrate the news of their impending sequels. It’s a real good time to catch up on gaming you missed, and I’ve got plenty of suggestions if you need ’em!


Strong showing

SUPERHOT (Review) – “It’s the most innovative blah blah blah” yeah but the thing is it kinda is

Anno 2205 (Review) – A rather different style from previous Annos, but still very solid if that works for you

Anno 2070 (Review) – My personal pick for best Anno, beautiful and melancholy

Tangledeep (Review) – Gorgeous and clever SNES-inspired roguelike dungeon crawler

Stronghold HD (Review) – CASTLES

Stronghold Crusader HD (Review) – MORE CASTLES

BUTCHER (Review) – Hilariously gory and ridiculously hard platform shooter

Ziggurat (Review) – For a long time, this was my favorite FPS-roguelike

Virginia (Review) – Very unique storytelling experience with no dialog

Horizon Shift (Review) – Decent little shmup with a platformer gimmick


Poor showing

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Review) – Unpleasant retro platformer on so many levels

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