Weeklong Deals for 10/26/20

Okay, okay, I know I missed last week, and I’m sorry! On the bright side, I wasn’t expecting to have Weeklong Deals to check out this week, on account of the impending Halloween sale, and yet here we are! It’s a lean week but they crammed all the Far Crys, Amanitas, and ARMAs they could, with a liberal sprinkling of indie gems besides. Check out Titan Quest if you somehow haven’t and need some classic Diablo 2-style hacking and slashing, and maybe give Pilgrims a look for a cute, off-beat sort of adventure game… I played it on Apple Arcade and quite liked it.

Why not?

Far Cry Primal (Review) – A nice change of place from the questionable narratives the main Far Crys have, and some great hunting and combat mechanics

Far Cry 4 (Review) – Great place to jump into the series and raise hell, but not exactly ground-breaking if you’ve been playing these games for awhile

Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon (Review) – All the open-world fun of Far Cry with a hilarious neon-80s coating

Far Cry 3 (Review) – Solid open-world shooter, aside from the asinine story

Far Cry 2 (Review) – Still my pick for best all-round Far Cry, don’t @ me

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (Review) – Classic ARPG action and looting with some modern improvements like game speed control

Crypt of the Necrodancer (Review) – One of the hardest and most thrilling roguelikes you will ever attempt

Machinarium (Review) – Intensely charming point-and-click set in a world of junky robots

The House of Da Vinci – I would have a glowing review of this if life wasn’t chaos right now, but this is a solid alternative to The Room with its wonderfully tactile puzzles

Botanicula (Review) – Another joyful point-and-click adventure from Amanita

Monster Loves You! (Review) – Cute sort of visual novel where you guide the growth of a monster and see its effect on the world

Definitely not.

Hero of the Kingdom III (Review) – This is the one where the formula breaks down, from chill trading adventure to tedious grind

Frankenstein: Master of Death (Review) – I love hidden object games but sometimes they can be too dumb

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