Weeklong Deals for 1/10/22

At last, we’ve emerged from the chaotic sea of holiday deals to find…more deals! That’s right, the Weeklong Deals are back in grand fashion, featuring a little bit of everything mashed together in a massive offering.

Have at you!

Railway Empire (Review) – A fine successor to the likes of Railroad Tycoon and Open TTD

Worms Armageddon – It’s the Worms game you know and love, updated just enough to work online

Death Road to Canada (Review) – Hilarious roguelike full of chaos and action

Aven Colony (Review) – Relaxing sci-fi city-builder with some neat aesthetics

Hidden Through Time (Review) – Not just a cute hidden-person-finder, also lets you make your own puzzles

Blood and Bacon (Review) – Don’t think, just shoot demon pigs

Apsulov: End of Gods (Review) – Incredibly clever horror adventure mixing myth and science

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard (Review) – Decent mission-based ARPG

Odallus: The Dark Call (Review) – Excellent retro-styled platformer, should be up there with Shovel Knight

Slain: Back from Hell (Review) – Brutal, metal platformer that may be a bit much for most

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers (Review) – Wonderfully clever 3D puzzle platformer

This Strange Realm Of Mine (Review) – Intriguing retro FPS adventure

Skautfold: Usurper (Review) – Bewildering and challenging, this is a worthy metroidvania if you can handle it

OK/NORMAL (Review) – Atmospheric PS1-styled horror experience

Black Paradox (Review) – Stylish side-scrolling shmup

Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition (Review) – Brilliant and unique horror management sim

Begone, you!

Majesty 2 (Review) – An object lesson in how to ruin a franchise

Neverending Nightmares (review) – Too tedious to inspire any real horror

Razenroth (Review) – Waste of a neat concept

Das Geisterschiff (Review) – Good presentation, horribly boring gameplay

Langoth (Review) – What?

Crab Dub (Review) – NO.

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