Weeklong Deals for 11/6/17

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Steam hasn’t put much effort into their Weeklong Deals lately, and today’s almost didn’t happen after they cocked up their filters. But everything’s sorted out now, allowing us to bask in the radiance of discounts. Brigador is the big highlight this week, easily the stompiest, explodiest, cyberpunkiest isometric shooter around. Definitely check that one out if you haven’t and maybe have a gander at the rest of these little gems!

I love it!

Brigador (Review) – A technical, stealth-heavy mech playground of destruction with peak cyberpunk stylings

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers (Review) – Clever and charming 3D puzzle platformer with some of the best powers around

Reveal The Deep (review) – Short and sweet horror adventure about exploring a sunken wreck all alone

Princess Isabella (review) – Decent baseline hidden object game for the Disney crowd

Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends (Review) – Another fine hidden object game with neat puzzles and graphics, just not much of a story

Wyv and Keep (Review) – Blisteringly hard puzzle platformer using a neat single-player co-op deal

Dementium II HD (review) – Quirky first-person horror shooter with some fun sequences


No way!

Bardbarian (Review) – A sort of squad-based tower defense with a frustrating difficulty curve and very little depth

Frankenstein: Master of Death (review) – I have very low expectations of any hidden object game and this one still managed to disappoint

Between Me and The Night (Review) – “Surrealist” is not an excuse to make a game that does nothing and means nothing

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