Weeklong Deals for 12/4/17

Seems almost silly to highlight a bunch of Weeklong Deals in between big sales like this, doesn’t it? But they’re here and good stuff like Refunct and Dropsy are cheap so we’re gonna do it. I’m probably not going to review anything from this week’s lineup, as I’m planning a major review for Friday. Anything’s possible though!


Refunct (Review) – Lovely little first-person platformer adrift in a peaceful sea

Dropsy (Review) – Delightfully off-beat point-and-click adventure that gets by without any text at all

Zombie Driver HD (Review) – Gooey and gruesome top-down racer set in a grim open city

Nihilumbra (Review) – A pleasant puzzle-platformer that uses a unique color-painting gimmick

Weird Park Trilogy (review) – Hours of quality hidden object gaming to be found here

RONIN (Review) – If you can handle some frustration and temperamental controls, this one’s a stylish strategy/action hybrid

Dead Effect 2 (Review) – A surprisingly good application of the Borderlands formula to low-budget zombie shootin’

Blackbay Asylum (review) – Trashy but clever top-down horror adventure with crude humor and some actual scares

Two Digits (review) – It’s number porn for your brainmeats


Dead Effect (Review) – Slow, boring, and not half as engaging as its sequel


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