Merry Roguemas!

My annual romp through the realms of randomness and permadeath has come to a close once again. The twelve games I’ve covered this year are all quality offerings worth your time, especially the two Early Access titles I’ve covered. Dead Cells and Tangledeep are both remarkable stand-outs, not just because they’re humming happily through EA but because they make impressive contributions to their genres. Definitely check them out, and check out the rest of the pack right here.

As for me, I’m declaring the Steam Sale a Gold-Plated holiday. I won’t be sticking to any schedules and I might not be posting much until January, but I will be around. I’ve got three indie roguelikes that didn’t make the cut for Roguemas proper, along with a huge torrent of games that have come in through Steam’s new Curator Connect service. I’ll be reviewing all of those as I get to them and highlighting any gems, so you may see errant reviews here and there but don’t expect too much. Also, the two-year anniversary of Gold-Plated Games (the entity, not the website) is coming right after Christmas so I’ll have a big post ready about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the sale, make use of the reviews here, and MERRY ROGUEMAS HO HO HO

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