Roguemas The Third: @ out of Hell

‘Tis the season for permadeath and randomness! Every winter I count down twelve roguelikes in the days leading up to the big Steam Winter Sale, and this year is no different. The first time I did this I covered some classics and titans of the genre that had hooked me, and last year I did a grab-bag of roguelikes from all over Steam, and not all of them good.

This year is pure quality, twelve solid roguelikes produced in the last few years. I’ve even got a few promising Early Access titles to highlight! I’ll be posting reviews daily from December 10th to the 21st, always at 8 am PST. The list below will grow with each one I add, so check back daily for your next fix of randomly-generated goodness. And if you have any roguelike fans in your life, link them here! I might have a few titles new to even the most die-hard (heh) loyalists out there.

On the twelfth day of Roguemas, the RNG gave to me…

Twelve raging froggies  (Tangledeep)

Eleven miles of floodlands  (The Flame in the Flood)

Ten questing heroes  (Ananias)

Nine spooky skullheads  (Nongünz)

Eight planar realms  (Deathstate)

Seven hard-won cells  (Dead Cells)

Six drifting dreadnoughts  (CRYPTARK)

FIVE GOLDEN KRONES  (Golden Krone Hotel)

Four dark horsemen  (The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth)

Three fine blokes  (Renowned Explorers)

Two sparring mans  (Dungeonmans)

And a dealer of mortality  (Hand of Fate)