Weeklong Deals for 3/12/18

Look at all these Weeklong Deals! They’re practically bursting at the seams! I’ve got a big list below but there’s so much discounted that I haven’t even gotten to it all. Everything from Wuppo to the Risen series is up for grabs, so if you don’t see what you want here consider taking the dive yourself. Also I want to give a quick nod to Rebel Galaxy which isn’t a Weeklong but IS on sale and IS quite good, one of my favorite space captaining games, in fact.



  • Bionic Dues (Review) – Interesting concept for a squad-based roguelike, murdered by a hideous interface and poor encounter design
  • Hektor (review) – Gross and unimaginative first-person horror
  • Majesty 2 (Review) – Takes the good parts of Majesty and grinds them under crushing difficulty
  • Shattered Haven (review) – Open-world zombie puzzling would be cool if it made even a lick of sense
  • ENKI (Review) – Horror puzzler missing anything of interest

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