Weeklong Deals for 4/23/18

Are you ready for some unrelenting positivity? Because I’ve got lots of good Weeklong Deals to share, with none of the bad! There’s plenty of solid stuff to pick up this time, though most of it has shown up in its fair share of Weeklongs already. I’ll also add Bastion to the list of things you should get if you somehow haven’t yet. Someday I’ll give it a proper review but for now it’s enough to say that it’s very, very, very good.

Tomorrow I’ll finally be covering Ash of Gods: Redemption which is also in the Weeklongs right now, so if you like what I have to say about its dark fantasy trappings this’ll be the time to get it. I’m also going to call out Hero of the Kingdom as this week’s Thursday revision because I honestly adore this game and have left it with a lacking review for far too long. Seriously, if you need a game to chill with you can’t do much better than that one.

It’s All Good

Rusty Lake: Roots (Review) – A wonderfully macabre puzzler tracing the tragic history of a mysterious family

Rusty Lake Hotel (Review) – Bizarre puzzler that’s not as good as Roots but ties to it and has a pretty great ending

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride (Review) – Extremely solid hidden object game with lush graphics and fun puzzles

Hero of the Kingdom (review) – Wonderful little chillout game of trading and adventuring

Theatre of the Absurd (Review) – Weird but entertaining hidden object joint

SkyDrift (Review) – Awesome arcade airplane racer that sadly has no community to support it anymore

Shattered Planet (Review) – A coffee-break sci-fi roguelike with just enough variety to keep it fresh

Spaceport Hope (review) – Simple and fun space metroidvania

Two Digits (review) – Math!

One comment

  • Bought the Rusty Lake games a few days ago when it popped up on my Play Store wishlist. Going through the Cube Escape games now in preparation, enjoying them a fair bit. The first game feels quite redundant in retrospect, since Seasons and Arles (just finished this one) feel much more complete in every regard.

    I’m a big fan of all of them tonally; I’d say it’s what they do best, especially with regards to their use of sound effects and really bizarre imagery, ranging from the creepy, off-the-wall vision of watching yourself die through the lens of a telescope aimed at the moon in Seasons, or the outlandishly comic voyage through Van Gogh severed ear.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews on both series, although I’ve still got a fair few of these to get through.


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