Weeklong Deals for 5/7/18

If you’ve been holding out on any big franchises, this is the week to pick them up. The Weeklong Deals are loaded down with Far Crys, Mass Effects, Dragon Ages, Sims, Batmans, and plenty of other big names. The discounts are deep, too, as deep as they ever get during big seasonal sales. Unfortunately I haven’t commented on most, and I’m currently in the middle of my ARPG odyssey so you’re on your own as far as the AAA lineup goes. But for indie games? Friend, I’ve got your number.


Big Pharma (Review) – Nifty puzzler/management hybrid about building crazy manufacturing lines for drugs

Long Live The Queen (Review) – Surprisingly technical visual novel about raising an imperiled heiress to the throne

Silence of the Sleep (review) – Unique and atmospheric side-scrolling horror adventure

Horizon Shift (Review) – Neat little shmup with a platforming gimmick

Back to Bed (Review) – Trippy puzzler about guiding a sleepwalker around Dali-esque dreamscapes

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (Review) – Jigsaws for your inner weeb


Call of Tomsk-7 (Review) – Braindead arena shooter with virtually no enemies, items, or strategy

1849 (Review) – Shockingly bad wild-west builder from the folks who made the spectacular Project Highrise

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