Weeklong Deals for 9/17/18

You might think I’d get tired of sifting through untranslated visual novels and Kim Jong Un simulators dotting the Weeklong Deals every week. But you’d be wrong, because gems like Detention deserve to be unearthed whenever they come around on sale. There’s not a whole lot else to grab from my list unless you’re ready to jump into Rusty Lake or are behind on hidden object games, but they’re here if you need them.

Don’t forget, our next Twitch stream is tonight! Thanks to overwhelming support I’ve added a third stream day and will be showing up to show you games every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays will be devoted to full playthroughs so tonight we’ll be working through as much of The Messenger as possible. Give the channel a follow if you haven’t yet, check out our cool new graphics, and get ready for more ninja-ing tonight at 9pm PST!


Oh, okay!

Detention (Review) – Superb horror adventure about a school in revolutionary Taiwan

Rusty Lake: Roots (Review) – Very solid entry in this macabre puzzle adventure series

Bit Blaster XL (Review) – Perfectly serviceable little retro shmup

Rusty Lake Hotel (Review) – Not as good as Roots but still a decent piece of the Rusty Lake puzzle

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart (Review) – Fantastic hidden object game with plenty of variety

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark (Review) – Weird little semi-educational retro FPS


No, not okay!

Hektor (review) – Crappy horror walking sim with singularly terrible elements

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