Weeklong Deals for 1/21/19

Another week rolls around without any particularly stellar Weeklong Deals, but that could just be Valve giving your wallet a break after the holidays. The Painscreek Killings is a good grab if you want something to tax your detective skills, or the Hexcells games if you want a more straight-forward puzzle challenge. And we’ve got a good cross-section of bad games to shun, as well!

If you’re a fan of Yakuza 0, don’t miss tonight’s stream when I’ll be starting a full playthrough of it for the very first time! I’m only familiar with real-life yakuza from my time in Japan so this should be a real treat. I’ll also be working on a review of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 to post sometime around the launch on Thursday, and maybe highlight another Weeklong Deal for Wednesday’s feature as well.

Finally, keep an eye out for the start of our February Reader’s Choice Review election this week! If you’d like to see me cover TWO selections instead of just one from now on, consider joining our Patreon to get us to our next goal!



The Painscreek Killings (Review) – Expansive detective game in an abandoned town with a few spoopy bits

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Review) – Not a bad platformer but the levels do tend to be a bit too long

Ziggurat (Review) – It’s been eclipsed by Immortal Redneck but this remains a very solid FPS roguelike

Hexcells (Review) – Just a fantastically smart, straight-forward puzzler

Hexcells Plus (Review) – Still solid but picks up in difficulty right from Hexcells, which might be a bit much for you

One Way Heroics (Review) – A neat spin on classic roguelike mechanics

Timberman (Review) – Chop trees! Don’t question it JUST CHOP

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (Review) – Jigsaws for your inner weeb



Frankenstein: Master of Death (Review) – The rare hidden object game that’s too dumb even for me

NeverEnd (Review) – Get this, it’s a roguelike Legend of Zelda with absolutely nothing interesting about it

Crab Dub (Review) – Possibly the dumbest game I’ve ever played

rooMaze (Review) – A neat-looking first-person roguelike until you realize how much it hates you and wants you to die

Langoth (Review) – Absolutely inscrutable third-person platformer

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