Redouble Our Efforts

The time has come! I’m back from Japan, jet-lagged and kinda sick, and ready to spin the content machines back up. I was still posting stuff while on vacation, of course, including several reviews and a new preview:

But now that I’m here, streams can return and I can launch several new projects I’ve been planning! First, the basics: we’ll be back to the usual website schedule from Monday. This week that means the Weeklong Deals on Monday, and then reviews of two games I think deserve more attention than they got, Devolver Bootleg on Wednesday and Ace of Seafood on Friday. In addition, on Thursday I’ll be announcing a new initiative that will cast some light on the earliest days of Gold-Plated Games, before it was even Gold-Plated Games, in fact.


As for streams, we’ll be starting up some new full playthroughs you won’t want to miss and also switching into horror mode for the season Wednesday shows. This week’s schedule will be:

  • Monday, July 22 at 9pm PDT – Starting full playthrough of The Missing
  • Wednesday, July 24 at 9pm PDT – Indie Horror Night: Pamali
  • Friday, July 26 at 9pm PDT – Indie Variety Night with Hardcore Mecha & more
  • Saturday, July 27 at 10pm PDT – Starting full playthrough of The Final Fantasy Legend (GB)

Once The Missing is done, I have a full raft of full playthroughs to get to on Mondays including Red Faction Guerilla, Undertale, and Hitman 2 all coming this year. Every Wednesday will be a horror night through October, and we’ll be favoring full playthroughs so get ready for a complete look at Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror unless it’s really terrible. There’s also going to be some horror bits in the Friday streams, but I’ll talk more about that this Thursday. Make sure you’re following our channel for updates!


It was nice to get a break from the regular routine, but my vacation also made me realize how much I enjoy doing what I do. I genuinely missed not streaming for three whole weeks, and I was happy to take a little time out from leisure to polish up the reviews that got posted. I’ve decided that this here, doing streams and reviews, is what I really want to be doing full-time, and I’m going to redouble my efforts to make that dream a reality. There will be more to share about our Twitch channel and the website over the coming weeks and months, stuff that could help this grow into even more of an actual business.

As always, it’s all thanks to your time and support, so know that I very much appreciate you being here. I hope you’ll join me as we see what the rest of this year has in store!

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