Roguemas Returns: RNGingle All The Way

This series originally ran on our Steam curation group in December 2016.

By my estimation, it’s exactly 12 days until the Steam Winter Sale. Why is that relevant, I really really hope someone asks? Because it gives me the perfect amount of time for a festive countdown of roguelike reviews!

I did the first Roguemas off of Steam last year, but you can still find my reviews (including classics like Spelunky and Teleglitch) listed in the group. This year is a little different, though; last time I did 12 roguelikes I really like, but this time I have some new favorites AND some pretty terrible ones. Consider this one more a buyer’s guide for the permadeath-addicted in your life.

Everybody ready? Sing along, you know the words!

On the twelfth day of Roguemas, the RNG gave to me…

Twelve mutants shooting  (Nuclear Throne)

Eleven beasts exploding  (Overture)

Ten guns a-gunning  (Tower of Guns)

Nine beacons beeping  (RymdResa)

Eight bosses slaying  (Vampire of the Sands)

Seven heroes sieging  (Hero Siege)

Six chambers firing  (Enter the Gungeon)

FIVE ANGRY BEES  (Don’t Starve)

Four junky exos  (Bionic Dues)

Three jingling coins  (Coin Crypt)

Two blighted crabs  (Shattered Planet)

And a feisty little deity  (Sproggiwood)