The Twelve Days of Roguemas

This series originally ran on the Something Awful forums in December 2015. Many of these reviews have been revised or updated for 2017.

I was putting together a list of my favorite roguelikes for the thread, and in doing so I started writing reviews of them, and before I knew it I had a whole mess of them. So let’s make a party out of it, and call it

The Twelve Days of Roguemas

wherein I talk a whole bunch about the whats and whys of the roguelikes I like. I’m not going to be breaking a lot of new ground with this, focusing on major ones on Steam (so yes I’m going to waste a day talking about BoI). But this is a good opportunity to revisit some classics or take another look at some you might have missed the first time around. Everybody ready? ’cause HERE WE GO

On the twelfth day of Roguemas, the RNG gave to me…

Twelve damsels dropping  (Spelunky)

Eleven races questing  (Tales of Maj’Eyal)

Ten golems crushing  (Risk of Rain)

Nine carrots snapping  (Ziggurat)

Eight diggles digglin’  (Dungeons of Dredmor)

Seven kids a-crying  (The Binding of Isaac)

Six fiends a-flaying  (Super House of Dead Ninjas)


Four castle wings  (Rogue Legacy)

Three ghosts from Chile  (Abyss Odyssey)

Two armored deathbots  (Teleglitch)

And a tiny boat on a scary sea  (Sunless Sea)