Weeklong Deals for 10/9/17

I wouldn’t blame you too much if you skipped these Weeklong Deals entirely. There’s some interesting-looking stuff in there like The Sexy Brutale and Immortal Redneck but most of what I have to talk about isn’t the kind you’d want to spend money on. Check out Shattered Planet and Unholy Heights for sure if you haven’t, maybe the other little gems I’ve found, but we’re probably better off getting back to the month of horror at hand. I’ve got some better stuff coming up this week, I promise!

I guess so?

Theatre Of The Absurd (Review) – It’s definitely a pretty absurd hidden object game, and plenty charming because of it

Gun Metal (Review) – Bare-bones 3D shooter that might keep you entertained for a bit

Shattered Planet (Review) – Fine little sci-fi coffee break roguelike to explore and squish crabs in

Schein (review) – Challenging puzzle platformer with some neat mechanics

Unholy Heights (review) – Tower defense and management sim had a decidedly Japanese baby

I guess not!

Knights and Merchants (Review) – About as slow and clunky as you can make an RTS

The Bridge (Review) – An M.C. Escher puzzle platformer makes perfect sense, but this one does very little with the concept

Claire (review) – It’s Silent Hill 2 again, this time with boring enemies and confusing maps

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals (Review) – Just read the comics

Twin Sector (Review) – One of Steam’s all-time worst

Cities in Motion 2 (Review) – Takes everything good about the first and hits it with a bus

Canyon Capers (Review) – A platformer expertly designed to appeal to no one

Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Review) – Dated platforming mixed with grotesque satire does not a fun game make

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